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Rajasthan and its everlasting Charm:

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

India and her varied States have always surprised visitors with its diverse culture, traditions, dialects, cuisines and above all the warmth in welcoming the guests. I being the extensive explorer for the last three months have found Rajasthan as one of my most favorite destination. This State has some gruesome magic and charm which leaves you mesmerized and marks a strong impact on ones soul and mind. Having born and brought up in Rajasthan somehow I could not connect with this land of Chivalry, Courage and colors for a long time. In the past three months while exploring it closely, I must admit that I am in Love with this colorful region.

Rajasthan carries a complete India in its womb and its unique concepts tempt you to visit and explore it all over again and again. It has Deserts, plains, hill station, wildlife and above all the beautiful city of Lakes, which gives an opportunity to bewilder at the catastrophic fauna, land and surroundings natural beauty.  This State with different altitude and weather conditions is a combination of modern and contemporary style of life and living which involves in itself a great blend of  Religion and cultural aspects. People here are still following the age old customs and traditions which is a great sight to witness. The warmth of genuine hospitality is a treat for visitors. The innocent smiles of women and kids not only leaves you spellbound but ignite a love for the people and society. Spend and invest your time visiting the antique age old monuments, beautiful extensive interiors and the early morning hob-nobs. Observe the daily schedule of household village women, interact with them and get a closer look in to their lives. Participate in their mundane activities, feel at home and try your hands at cooking a meal for yourself. Go ahead and Paint your own way and decorate their houses, celebrate with them.  I highly recommend to spend a day like a local in Rajasthan and carry a bag full of memories to share back at home.

I can keep going in sharing my experiences about this wonderful piece of land for end number of days and want you to experience the same, let me invite you to enjoy this magical and mystic journey of Rajasthan with me, which am sure will surprise you every time you will be here!

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