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Travelling is the Best Investment in oneself!

One can correctly give me a tag that I am obsessed with the colorful State of Rajasthan, Yes I am! This cultural Fairy tale land has so much to offer, that every time I travel, I encounter some great people and hospitality which leaves me speechless. This time it was again a wonderful adventurous trip for me nothing less than traveling and exploring a fairly land and solving a puzzle my own way. This was my third trip to Rajasthan within the span of six months and I must admit that it was the best one, which has inspired me to fall in love over and over again with this part of our country. My fascination and thirst for exploring has increased to the next level and am sure it will go a long way!

JAIPUR, for some is a vibrant city for some its shopping hub and for me, it’s the craziest place to uncover the hidden treasure it beholds and I did explore this city my own way, running on the rooftop of streets shops following the massive elephants in the crowd or paying a visit to some beautiful narrow lanes and hidden huge temples with some great architecture and motifs surviving for the last 200 plus years. Moving on from here the best next stop can always be one of my favourite cities in Rajasthan The Blue City – JODHPUR, off-course I am fascinated with the massive Mehrangarh Fort and the surroundings of Marwar region, which is basically a bag full of everything. Trust me if you approach this region from various Directions you have some wonderful different amazing experiences like towards the west you have Chandelao Garh where you get to experience some wonderful people, village life, one of the major NGO Sunder Rang, women empowerment program and the greatest of all the man behind all this development (Praduman Ji himself). If you proceed towards North you get to experience some beautiful Dunes at Osian and Rohida Camp, a tranquil and serene place promises to give you some wonderful experiences and memories. Be it stay at Rohida, location, surroundings, sundowners, candlelight dinners, cultural night, or some great safaris everything is mesmerizing. Finally towards South you have Dundhara where the Thakur of Kot Dunara is still actively involved single-handedly to preserve our rich historical past and is busy collecting and rebuilding the facts together. They have got some huge pillars from the era of Mughals which speaks a lot about the architecture of those days. I can definitely assure you that if you are choosing to stay at Kot Dunara you are going to be in the company of some wonderful people who will serve the delicious food I have ever had.

Proceed ahead and visit Siana, which I personally call a hidden treasure in the arms of this most colorful land. Preserved and kept secretly, a wonderful place, and a Paradise for wildlife lovers. The approach to Siana leaves you speechless and the most impressive fact that the Younger generation is so keen to preserve the natural treasures of flora and fauna and very actively involved in preserving everything they can to make this place a real adventurous place. I must admit that sooner it’s going to shine on Tourism Map all the more. From here do not forget to visit Jawai which is again a place not to be missed on this circuit. I will call it a destination as it has everything to offer, culture, tradition, wildlife, village life, beautiful sunsets, huge dams, Forests, safaris, and what not.

I hope you will agree with me that when you travel it is the biggest investment you are making in yourself, as the returns you get from this are lifelong and will always help you make a better and responsible person. For me Rajasthan is beyond words and I think I have just discovered half of it……hence I also would like to sum up mentioning that “I have miles to go before I sleep and I have miles to go before I sleep!

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