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Chandelao Garh, Jodhpur

About Destination: The village and Garh of Chandelao have long played a part in the history of Rajasthan and the Kingdom of Marwar. This area of Rajasthan is renowned for its fiercely independent people, its Colorful clothing, its handicrafts and its traditional way of life. Chandelao is a village of about 2,000 people, and like most villages in Rajasthan, the majority of the people are involved in agriculture. Many of the houses are still constructed of the traditional mud bricks, with a weatherproof coating of cow manure, painted white, red or blue. In some spots, newer houses constructed of beautiful red Jodhpur sandstone are being built.

About Chandelao Garh:  Experience the "real" India with a visit to Chandelao Garh. Situated 40 kms from bustling Jodhpur this place will enfold you in a different world - the world of the rulers of Rajasthan in a traditional village. Majestic Chandelao Garh is the ancestral home of the landowners of the area, and has been tastefully converted to a modern hotel with eco-friendly approach and firmly believes in give back to society concept.  The Garh will provide you with an authentic experience of traditional Rajasthani hospitality in a tranquil village setting.


Rooms are tastefully decorated with period furniture, while providing 21st century comfort. The kitchen presents the flavours of traditional Rajasthani cuisine in impeccable style using local produce and spices. The well-kept hotel grounds are filled with flowers and the sounds of peacocks and parrots. Enjoy an evening on the terrace with friends old and new and marvel at the starry desert sky at night. A stroll round the village will bring you face to face with the sights and sounds of village India - local craftspeople ply their trade, animals graze, women in colourful native dress fetch water from the wells and lakes, children play in the street and everyone welcomes visitors with a friendly greeting. Escape the hubbub of the cities and enjoy the tranquillity of Indian village life.


Visiting Chandelao has its own charm as the host focus more on Natural resources hence the electricity at the hotel is completely generated by Solar panels and the drainage water is reused within the premises to water the plants etc. The major attraction at Chandelao is Sunder Rang community – a program which creates and generates employment for local women to earn their livelihood by creating handicrafts pieces from eco-friendly materials and education for village children are some of the prominent features of this place which are backed up as a vision of your host Praduman Singh.

Activities: Jeep Safari, Bird Watching, Camel ride, Colorful Village walk, interaction with local community, Attend the evening or morning Aarti at local village temple and local markets of Pipar.

Category of Rooms: Each room is different and has a story for example room no 9 was the old toshakhana where the valuables were kept. There is a secret place in the room, see if you can find it.


Multi-cuisine Restaurant

Wi-Fi in Rooms

Swimming Pool

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Ayurveda Spa

Bar-be-que Dinner


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