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The Abhaneri Resort

About Destination: Abhaneri - The village of Abhaneri was originally name ABHA NAGRI, meaning “CITY OF BRIGHTNESS”. Abhaneri lies, within the “golden triangle” of INDIA that is Delhi – Agra and Jaipur. The locals of Abhaneri created the novel style of step wells. The village is known for its ‘BAORI’ OR STEP WELL. Which was invented by the natives to harvest rain water. It was used as a cool place of retreat and as a water source/ reservoir during parched times of the year. The village plays home to CHAND BAORI, which remains as one of the most beautiful step well of INDIA.

About Abhaneri Resort : - The ABHANERI RESORT is located in the village of ABHANERI, situated at a distance of 225 meter from CHAND BAORI & HARSHAT MATA TEMPLE. Set amidst a beautiful and sprawling gardens , the resort boost 360 degree scenic  views and offers luxurious rooms outfitted with modern amenities and facilities for those looking to experience luxury at its finest. The property is designed by TH. KULDEEP SINGHJI of  SANKOTRA. The arches  and the design shows his knowledge and love for the work.

Activities: Village walk, Jeep Safari, Camel Cart Ride, Abhaneri Stepwells, Countryside.

Room Categories: Deluxe Room and Deluxe Suite


Indoor Restaurant

Lush Green Gardens

Doctor on Call

Outdoor Dining


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