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Stroll & Pedal Around !

Come and explore the destination with some exciting strolling around the places of your stay or by opting for some adventurous pedaling with our expert team. We will give you the opportunity to create your own memories of the places you visit and feel a little enthusiastic by attempting pedaling through jungles and narrow lanes, the hidden gulley’s of India.

Religious Potpourri


There is no doubt in admitting that India is a home to every major religion of the World and its soul has simply accepted every religion in such a manner that  it has become an amalgamation of religious faiths and integral part of our beliefs. On this tour we will take you on to religious potpourri of culture and showcase their faiths in all aspects of life.  You will observe that the practices may be different in various religions however the ideology is all the more same and that is what makes this country  unique in itself.

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