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Travel diaries - 10 days on Road experiencing Seventh Heaven

Ten days on road began from Delhi to discover my kind of experiences and the journey was fruitful. We started early morning from Delhi, as we all know Delhi’s mornings are different from mornings of small town with lots of Hush – bush of vehicles as well as people honking…..we drove down towards Jaipur and rested at an amazing café which offers Italian food with Indian twist and some amazing shakes which are extremely innovative and made from our childhood favorite ingredients. Yes! a must-try in Jaipur. Jaipur has its own charm and offers everything from culture to traditions and above all historic relevance. City is very well planned and boast of extremely interesting architecture. Nahargarh and vicinity offers wide range of activities. From here on we continued to Ajmer and had a peaceful stay at a valley city surrounded by Aravalli’s. Morning here is fresh and beautiful where birds are still chirping as your alarm clock and people enjoy having the first cup of chai at local stalls, there is no such term Bed Tea. From thereon we headed on to Udaipur and the drive was extremely pleasant and scenic, surrounded by small hamlets and Colorful people. Enroute you get to stop at Deogarh, home to famous Deogarh palace and beautiful Devshree a lovely place to dwell. Drive further and you will arrive at Udaipur famously called a city of lakes, is a beautiful city surrounded by Green stretch of mountains and lakes. Evenings here are very beautiful and in a real sense, this city has the essence of romance and affection in the air. Udaipur outskirts are all the more beautiful and give you ample of opportunity to interact with locals or explore small hamlets and hiking points which ends up with a bird's-eye view of the city and a romantic sunset view. After Udaipur, our next stop was Chandelao Garh, personally one of my favorite place which still has its own charm and simplicity of life. Where the locals respect the visitors and still treat you with the moto of Atithi Devo Bhawah! Mornings and evenings are beautiful here with birds chirping in corridor seems like waiting for you to interact with them. Witness the amazing prayers ceremony at a local temple, an extremely colorful village walk. Enjoy birding excursion at a nearby lake with picnic breakfast, explore women empowerment initiative just outside the Garh giving employment to village women to earn their livelihood by making beautiful handicrafts (sunder Rang) as the name suggest a beautiful initiative, Computer education for village children and warmth of hospitality by the owner himself. Age old stables converted into beautiful yet simple rooms offers a comfortable stay. Food is homemade and simple and was served to us on the beautiful terrace which had clear and starry sky as our roof…… amazing experience and a must visit place. Not to forget the highlight Siana 150 Kms from Jodhpur a lovely place for adventurous people who love to explore. Siana has endless number of activities to offer to its guests, starting from Horse Rides, village walks, Camel safaris, jeep safari to Jungle, Birding safari, local temple visits, local colourful market tour, cooking classes by owners family and so on. Visit to village and observe closely the life of Rabari community how they are still practicing the age old profession. I must say these are the few untouched destinations which have the old world charm and in true sense the essence of hospitality.

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