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Patan Mahal

About Destination: Nestled in a valley formed by 3 hills, Patan Mahal rises in the distance at the end of the city. Patan is a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. In the 12th century, it became the centre of a minor state called Tanwarawati or Torawati (after Tanwar/Tomar the clan name) ruled by the Tomara clan. The chief of the clan is the Rao of Patan, and he is considered to be the direct in descent from the last Hindu Emperor Anang Pal Tomar II the ruler of Delhi before Prithviraj Chauhan.


About Patan Mahal: Patan Mahal is well-located with an unhindered birds-eye view of the 13th century ancestral fort and another palace called Badal Mahal which stands loftily at an imposing 2000 ft above sea level. The Palace is home to Rao Digvijay Singh,  is situated on the foot hills. He has now opened his home to the discerning traveler. The Patan Mahal is a heritage hotel with 18 rooms with all modern amenities,  maintaining it’s original character. Patan is the site of one of the last great battles in Indian history. Called the Battle of Patan, it saw the Maratha Confedaracy pitted against the Rajputs of Jaipur and their Mughal allies in 1790. 

Activities: Village safari, Filming and photo shoots, Birding, Nature treks, Wilderness stay, Private dining, Gala evenings.

Category of Rooms: Suites

Facilities & Activities

Sustainable & Responsible stay

Wi-Fi in Rooms

Bar-be-que Dinner

Conference Hall

Doctor on Call


Village Safari

private dining.png

Private Dining

Swimming pool

Nature Treks

Tea / Coffee Maker


Lush Green Garden

Folk Dance.png

Gala Evenings

Multi-cuisine & Organic food


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