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Bijay Niwas Palace, Bijaynagar

About Destination: Bijaynagar – Was founded by Rao Bijay Singh the 16th descendant of the erstwhile Masuda ‘Istimrardari’ (a category higher than ‘Jagirdars’ of the then Rajputana) about 100 years ago as a getaway retreat.

About  Bijaynagar Palace - Bijay Niwas Palace is located on the banks of Khari river in the middle of 600 acre organic farm. The place is full of orchards and farmlands and the countryside offers some great experiences. Bijay Niwas Palace is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a calm and serene stay in the hustle bustle life. The Palace offers 20 rooms with some beautiful gardens, Pool and relaxing environment which really appeals the mind and soul.

Activities: Village Safari, Bon-fire, farm to Kitchen meal, Excursion to Chittorhgarh, Village walk.


Indoor Restaurant

Lush Green Gardens

Swimming Pool

Doctor on Call

Outdoor Dining



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