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Just Food & You !

India is a land of diversities and so its food! India is famous for its spices and varieties of cuisines and your journey in incomplete without experiencing Indian cuisine. This experience will bring you closer to Indian cuisine, the taste of which will be with you forever.

Chai Garam


One of the common addiction of India is CHAI or “TEA” more than 90% of INDIANS start their day with chai. We have a very famous saying called “CHAI PE CHARCHA” – refers to discussions over Tea. Indeed every chai point you will find in any corner of our country will have people sitting around not knowing each other still discussing their opinions, sharing a common interest and lastly will definitely discuss politics. No doubt the discussions become more tasteful with the TASTY TEA. India is full of contemporary & local tea stalls wherein you will find varieties of CHAI, having one thing in common for sure - TASTE. On this journey of CHAI, we will take you to some interesting CHAI points, wherein you will also develop an interest in sipping Tea with a lot of discussions on the table.

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