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Soak in the City

Rejuvenate your Energies


This will be your journey of discovering yourself through Yoga and meditation.

Stroll & Pedal around !


Come and explore the destination with some exciting strolling around the places of your stay or by opting for some adventurous pedaling with our expert team.

Just Food & You !


India is a land of diversities and so its food! India is famous for its spices and varieties of cuisines and your journey in incomplete without experiencing Indian cuisine. 

Session with Astrologer

India being the land of many epics and Vedas, astrology in our culture plays an extremely important role.

Leopard and Shepherd

We always believe that travelling should be fun and a mix of history and adventure. For this very purpose we invite all our guests to get a dive with us in the ocean of funfilled and adventurous activities.

Celebrate With Us !


INDIA can also be named as the land of Festivals! Yes our country and its countrymen need a reason for celebration and we have some or the other festival almost every week and each festival has a message of its own for the people and the society. 

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